Arizona Western College is proud to partner with the City of Somerton in linking economic growth and development with higher education. The City’s public officials support and value education and the enhancement of its ‘intellectual capital’ – the residence of Somerton. Having AWC physically in Somerton has led to a more qualified, skilled and educated workforce. Thus, making Somerton a great place to live, work and raise a family. Maria Aguirre Maria E. Aguirre
Associate Dean of Continuing Education
Arizona Western College
Entrepreneurial Center
Somerton is a getaway to new opportunities profile Maria Esparza, Owner
Cuervos Impressions Printing
Cuervos, B.C., Mexico
Serving the Somerton community is the reason why Campesinos Sin Fronteras was formed in 1996. Most of the organization's founders were Somerton residents or worked in Somerton for several years. Somerton has always been a welcoming and partnering community that in a way links Yuma and San Luis, Arizona. It has served as a bridge for organizations to bring health and human services to our Somerton residents and assisted in creating an overall healthier "South Yuma County". profile Emma Torres
Campesinos Sin Fronteras
Somerton, AZ
Somerton is a friendly, tight-knit community. We love working within this city in part because this closeness encourages the building of relationships of trust. We also know that we can pick up the phone and easily get into contact with the decision makers in the community; there is not layer upon layer of bureaucracy. profile Andrea Bereznak
Wealth Advisor,
Yuma Investment Group Wealth Management
Somerton has the magic of its workforce and its people. You will find here a hard working community with a spirit built from their environment, people who are focused in achieving results and have a great attitude to serve others. Definitely Somerton is the city of the future in Arizona. profile Sergio Barajas, Owner
Barajas Training & Development LLC
Somerton, AZ
Somerton was established in 1898 and incorporated in 1918. Located in the fertile Yuma Valley in southwestern Yuma County, Somerton is about 12 miles south of Yuma and 180 miles east of San Diego, at an elevation of 103 feet. It is equidistant from the California and Mexican borders.
Somerton is the native region of the Cocopah Nation with seven different entertainment, lodging and cultural attractions. It is also, primarily a well-planned city of good neighborhoods with a great sense of community that has received both regional and national attention as a "Green City", introducing one of the region's first citywide recycling programs.
Additionally, the City of Somerton installed 606kW of solar power at 4 sites throughout the city. The solar installations include the Water, Wastewater, Public Safety, and Senior facilities.


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